Audio-Visual Artist & Sound Designer

I am a UK based artist specialising in sound design, and audio-visual installation pieces. My pieces have been installed in galleries and venues around the UK, and online! I enjoy creating multimedia pieces (for both digital and real-life exhibitions), and collaborating in interdisciplinary projects with other creatives.

I am open to commissions and collaborations of any kind! Get in touch at

Sounds Good Soundscape

Leeds City Museum

Site-specific audio-visual soundscape created for projector and surround sound. Celebrating local talent, and Leeds’ Musical culture as part of the Sounds Good Installation. (October – November 2020)

Closed Circuit

Generative audio-visual installation for projector and speakers. Combining real-time generative soundscapes with structuralist cinematography to highlight brutalist architecture (July 2020).


Audio-visual installation exploring the cross-domain mapping of sight and sound. 100 short-form audio works with procedurally generated visuals compiled and played simultaneously. Audio is auditioned at random and heard via headphones placed around the exhibition space. (June 2021)


A study into the function of indeterminate and fixed media composition in audio-visual art. For Projector and speakers. (March 2021)

Other Works

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